The Play


A fast, hard-hitting comedy featuring six characters at the same yoga centre, all eaten up with secrets. A new receptionist arrives after the manager’s disappearance, to find the centre in chaos. She unearths the reasons behind the manager’s fall from grace - but is herself defeated by her own demons. 

Selected for StageWrite, Bedford Festival of New Writing 2015


Selected to be performed by Manchester ADP Theatre, 'Scripts Aloud' 2019

A small project with big ambitions

'Having given the characters life on the page, I'd like to see them stretch their limbs in performance.'


The Project

The first play by emerging new writer Julia Howe

Julia has been writing TV drama and comedy scripts since 2002. Up Your Prana started life as a series of character vignettes and developed into a three-act play.


It was then selected as part of StageWrite 2015, Bedford’s festival of new writing, and had a successful scratch performance with professional actors. There was also a Q&A with the director, cast and Julia answering questions from the audience, who ‘got’ and enjoyed the performance. More recently, it’s been selected by Manchester ADP Theatre for one of their ‘Scripts Aloud’ nights during 2019.


Julia is now taking the play to the Brighton Fringe Festival in May 2019. The largest annual arts festival in England and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world, the Brighton Fringe is the perfect launch pad for fresh new talent.

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